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Easy Facilities Bulgaria Ltd.
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 Easy Facilities
  • I Want 
    To talk to a single engineer, to use a single form, for all our buildings wherever they are located across the country.
  • I Want 
    To reduce the maintenance costs of our stores,
    to fix the budget for the new year,
    to have no surprises.
  • I Want 
    Works to be done according to specifications, by certified technicians, complying with all safety regulations.
  • I Want 
    To monitor compliance of our maintenance partner with his contractual obligations and ensure the quality of services he provides.
  • I Want 
    A partner who has all the technical skills I need.
    I want to stop searching for technicians and talk 40 different "specialty" languages.
  • I Want 
    A partner who will understand my goals, support our change and follow the evolution of our business model.

Easy Facilities provides services to organizations which make significant use of building facilities. These services include Maintenance, Renovation and Construction of commercial and office spaces.

Customers of Easy Facilities include leading banks, retail chains and businesses based in large-scale buldings.

The benefits realized by Easy Facilities' Customers come from the reduction of the external cost, the reduction of the administrative burden, the control of the quality and the alignment of Customer's facilities with the corporate strategy for value creation.

Easy Facilities uses a structured methodology for its service provision, aiming at the coverage of the unique, special needs of each discrete business, in a way that ensures measurability of the services performance, transparency and control with simple processes and ease of communication and cooperation.

In order to achieve these goals and best serve its Customers, Easy Facilities utilizes infrastructure and specialized personnel, all over the country, having developed a high level of expertise.

Easy Facilities is managed by experienced Engineers who utilize their 15+ years of experience in facilities management, in order to lead a modern organization that creates value for its Customers.